Friday, August 29, 2008

Things I like...

One of the things I very much like to do is experience high tea.  I make a lot of tea at home, although as much coffee is also consumed.  The VIP has been to tea in Rotterdam and very much enjoyed himself but felt that was an exception rather than a rule.  These men, they just do not catch on....HINT:  you can enjoy the company of a bevy of ladies here!


So, that leaves to me alone enjoy myself in the company of those ladies,  and today that enjoyable company was none other than *A* and the owner of Sophia's Tea Room (that being none other than Ms. Sophia herself, who had the most strikingly beautiful alabaster skin - completely devoid of melanin she explained).

Sophia loves to entertain, so this business is a natural for her.  She makes everything herself but the bread.  Let me tell you that her recipes are a delicious twist on traditions.  If you cannot make it to Sophia's but have been inspired - check Here for a location close to you wherever you go.

We sat at a table for 2 close to the window as seen here:  tearoom2

The incorrigible Ms. A M-W:

IMG_0005 She looks like a genie coming out of the pot!  Make your three wishes!

Sadly we realized only too late that we hunger had overtaken us and neither one took a photo of the tiered server of food before it was devoured.  I'll spare you the crumbs.

Now, more people to do and places to see  (you know what I mean!), my holiday weekend has officially begun.


Palm Springs Savant said...

Where have you been these past 10 years? We could have been doing high tea all the time.

Check out my post of high tea in London a few months back on May 28:

Anna M-W said...

Thanks for the fun!

Roni Hunt said...

Looks too wonderful. I've NEVER been to high tea! Alas, I am a commoner!

p.s. note to self - never open CN's blog when you want to be inconsipicuous at work unless the sound is turned down!