Friday, August 8, 2008


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I still remember my first sushi experience.  Bleeker Street in The Village with a certain someone who introduced me to some other firsts. Tomorrow my girl   *A* and i were planning on heading to Shiki for some.  I love this place.  The service can be slow but I'm not the type that likes to hurry.  The family closes and goes to Japan for a time.  Authentic.  The price is right - some of the places are serving up a single roll that is coming undone for what I can buy a meal for elsewhere.

And a REAL funny story about the VIP that I will have to keep to myself, not matter how may of you try to pry it out of me.  You will have to catch me, pin me down and try to tickle it out of me. If you know my tickle spot!

Shit Anna, what if we find out you are allergic to sushi?


1 comment:

Anna M-W said...

Even if I am allergic to sushi, I will suck it up!