Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Preparation

By the time you will read this, TS Fay will have long since passed my area by and left us thankfully unscathed.  At the time I am writing this I am listening to a neighbor installing their hurricane shutters. 

Just to double check (my sanity) that I had not missed any newsflash warning that Fay had not zigged when she should have zagged or had she been upgraded from 50 mph winds (or less as was predicted), I did pull up NOAA's most recent forecast which affirmed that at this very moment the storm is already along side of us and we are currently receiving what is likely to be for our area 'the brunt of the storm'. 

Now, 'Be prepared" is a great motto I admire - maybe that's why my favorite crushes have usually been on men who were Eagle Scouts in a past life - that being said,  my neighbor's behavior seems to be going a little above and beyond what is called for under these circumstances.  And NO, that is not a SHRUB obscuring the neighbor's entryway, that IS the debris pile up for discussion.  And YES, it is supposed to be in 3 foot bundles.


Normally such ridiculous behavior on the part of another wouldn't bear mention, but last evening I witnessed yet another neighbor out trimming his tree limbs.  He worked diligently, until he had amassed a pile of dense brush higher than the roof of his SUV.  I had to scratch my head and wonder, exactly what does he think is going to happen to that neat little pile of flotsam jetsam?  This was AFTER the local news had announced there would be NO TRASH PICKUP.  Indeed, I had received a blast call from my waste disposal company directly, confirming there would be a deviation.

Is it just me, or does the 'storm prep' behavior strike you as fear based?

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