Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Facebook Stalkers

I had my first stalker today.

I got a request to add a friend from this cheeky young bloke from the UK who I do not know and does not know me and we share no mutual friends that would have pointed him in my direction.  Thinking I'd try anything once,well at least when it comes to this:), I sent him a message.

When you do so in these circumstances Facebook warns you that you are giving a 30 days all access pass to your profile to the other person.  Whatever, my personal information is personal and not on my profile for good reason.  Unless he is CIA he's not coming to find me. 

At first glance I thought he might be a 'collector', as he has 459+ friends and growing.  But these are mostly all local people, plus he look like a young party boy.  Safe enough it seems.  So I send a reply:

I don't think I know you, would you like to stalk me?


How did you stumble upon me?

"dont no love proberbly through some1 we both no"

We have no mutual friends - DO TELL

"were u from"

Well , as adorable as it is that he even texts in his Brit accent (and who doesn't love an accent?) something is up with Mr. Norton...I was hoping he would tell how he came across my profile with some sincerity.  But since not, I have checked the IGNORE box on his Add a Friend request.  That has not deterred him from sending another.  So dear readers, I will take a poll and receive your comments on the topic; to be stalked or* not to be stalked?

Facebook gives the option of BLOCKING him, or if I continue to IGNORE him, in 30 days he will be left with only a thumbnail and my pinging blog feeds if he follows them.  Now my feed tells me there are many visitors stopping in, but only a couple who dare to comment - perhaps you will all want to have some input here...


Anna M-W said...

Tell him to BEAT IT.

Dude...what if DC thinks your a stalker? Is your profile open to everyone or did you only open it your friends?

If it is the latter that is really fucking funny!

MsTampa said...

Maybe I am a prude, but I don't correspond with strange men, because I am married. But, I too have received friend requests from guys I don't know. I ingnore them.

It is so easy for anyone to copy your profile and photos and then use your info to pass it off as another person.

W.O.T.E. said...

Dear Ms. Tampa-
I can't say you are a prude, because our facebook "likeness" profiles tell me we are '2 of a kind' too frequently, and I don't consider myself a prude although I don't stray far from the straight and narrow often enough - but I can tell you the 'strange men' are only strange until you get to know them better (kidding!) and that some of the ones I already know are STRANGER than the strangers (gotcha again!)!

I was really puzzled by how he came across my profile and that was want I was hoping to get by responding with a note - not to be a spoiler, as we are in a DEAD HEAT in the voting which ends in a couple of days, but I did choose to 'ignore' his friendship request, as I did the one from today which was written in Turkish, and being fluent in Turkish I interpreted to mean "You are the jewel in the lotus." or whatever the Muslim equivilant of that Buddhist phrase might be.

I can tell my dear readers that the VIP is aware of the blog and is as free as the next person to see what crazy thing I am up to on it as frequently as he desires. It doesn't seem to hold much interest to him. Maybe he is preoccupied talking to strange women on facebook...Hmmm....
I confess I have an 'open marriage' in so far as my blog and facebook go - the VIP and I have a single shared password and linked email accounts so that at any time one might wonder what the other is up to they can satisfy themselves instantly. You have to remember, I AM married to a dirty sailor, who knows how strange he might be!
Thanks for your post and your vote! It's so nice to get a comment now and again.