Sunday, August 24, 2008

Retail Therapy

Yesterday I met up with a friend to pick out a birthday present at Total Wine.  Despite it's name, the store does also sell liquor, beer and snacks and had a swarm of male associates willing to help two lovelies decide on the best choice of getting tuned up.  Men, did you ever in your wildest dreams think you could get paid for this?

But I digress.  We made our selection with the assistance of no less than 3 helpers and decided to trek across the street to THE MALL.  Now, I do not frequent the mall as A) I am no longer age 16, and B) As a grown ass woman I have pretty much everything I NEED times 3.

However we were literally steps away, and our transaction was over so prematurely thanks to our helpful helpers, and we needed more girl time, so we headed over and proceeded to do our thing, which is to walk and talk at the same time. Next thing I know there is a rather cute, tall and thin young man (qualities I must admit are pretty irresistible) who has sidled up to my right and is looking over (may I say obviously so) to my left where my friend is, not once one, but twice.  He makes eye contact and I offer him an opener: "Hi" (yes, guys - that line really does work as a conversation starter!) to which he replies with his own Hi and I ask "Are you getting in on the conversation here?" to which he replies "maybe" and matches our stride. 

Pretty bold dude, and I like that in a dude.  Not to cocky, just enough certainty to make you go "Hmmm".  But I feel I have been generous enough with my started and opening the door a little wider and his maybe was a little too "WIIFM?' and I'm all like 'Dude - you sidled up to me - your move' so I proceed to pick up the conversation right where I left off and the dude hangs for the length about 3 store fronts before wishing us a good day and peels off on a 90 degree turn.  Must have seen a better conversation over in that direction.  The whole thing was a little odd and felt like time had slowed, he warped my space time continuum.IMG_0006

And while neither of us gals  had a need for anything, we both were able to come away with a steal at THIS STORE, which is giving away clothing FOR FREE.

Here's how it works:  you spend $50.00 and they give you TWO $25 gift certificates - I'll do the math for ya... you are getting $50.00 back for every $50.00 spent.  Amazing.  They must have a huge inventory coming in for fall and not enough room to put it all in.  Well, with a deal like that I have to help them out you understand.  I came away with this outfit, in my FAVORITE color of Bazzil's paper - Blue Calypso. The skirt had a front pleat that you cannot see here and the jacket is a heavyweight knit, and has a vintage flair to it.  I love princess seams and notched lapels!  Yea for ME! 

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